Nowadays, time is precious. Our commitments to each other punctuate our days, and the daily frenzy is our metronome. Responsibilities seem to rain inexorably from above, and we have to fit them into the right rhythm and in rapid succession, as in a continuous game of Tetris.

At least when we go on holiday it is time to relax, we are allowed to take our time on our visits, and delaying or lingering are no longer a sin. Sometimes, however, there is not enough time to visit a place, even if we want to see everything there in the few days available.

Those seeing Turin for the first time, or the tourists who return to Piedmont's capital, have an endless variety of ways to be guided around the various points of interest, or to be literally transported from one place to another; in our opinion, the best is the CITY SIGHTSEEING BUS.



The CITY SIGHTSEEING BUS is the classic red, open-air double-decker bus you can find in major European capitals.
The tour is simple and fascinating. In fact there are only two lines, for the two contrasting and complementary spirits of Turin: Turin, capital of Italy, and Turin projected into the future.
The bus is stationed in Piazza Castello, and takes you either on a journey into the past (from the pharaohs of the Egyptian Museum to the Romans of the Palatine Gate's archaeological remains), or towards the future of a city in constant motion.
Tickets can be purchased at Turismo Torino.